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The task

UX / UI and programming the app Solar-Log WEB Enerest ™

Through the use of a Solar-Log™, energy efficiency can be optimized through targeted control from consumers and damages to photovoltaic plants can be detected. This means a more efficient use of the energy generated and higher yields.

In order to give the end user the opportunity to optimally manage his plants, our customer wanted a revision of the existing app. The user should be able to easily and individually manage, monitor and control his photovoltaic plants. Customer loyalty to the manufacturer should also be strengthened.

So not only has the interface been redesigned and expanded, but also a pinboard has been developed on which the user can put together a personalized Dashoard. All information, such as yields, consumption and the battery should be easily visible at a glance. To ensure a consistent appearance, it was important to incorporate the new corporate design into the app. In order to offer the end customer an optimal user experience, the app is in a constant development process.

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