Digital insect monitoring supported by AI

The task

Hardware and software development for digital insect monitoring

Nowadays, digital products and business models play an important role in the competitiveness of companies. Digital and smart solutions can also bring enormous advantages in pest control. The starting point for this project was that pest monitoring is carried out everywhere. From the food, pharmaceutical and tobacco industries, to community facilities such as hospitals and nursing homes as well as airports. Currently the standard monitoring takes place using several set up physical traps (glue or light traps), so-called monitors, which must be checked by pest controllers at regular intervals.
The basic idea and goal of the project was to develop a cloud-based solution for pest monitoring. The aim was to connect the components hardware, cloud platform and cloud services.

The functions



The hardware was developed in such a way that the actual monitor, i.e. a special housing with integrated adhesive strips and attractant or pheromone, was supplemented by an additional housing. This contains sensors for temperature and humidity, a wireless module, a processor with radio module and two cameras that can photograph the entire adhesive surface. These cameras create an image (e.g. daily or hourly) that is automatically sent to the cloud environment (website/ app).

Artificial intelligence

The module is battery powered and has an additional AI component which detects the number of insects on the respective image.


In addition to the number of insects, current live data on temperature, humidity, battery status and more can be displayed on the monitoring dashboard; in addition, data from the past can be called up and displayed in a diagram. Time stamps of the respective images and the identification name of the monitor are shown as well as an alarm list in the lower right corner of the image. For example, the message “Low battery” could appear there as an indication.


One advantage of the cloud is that the pest controller can access the system at any time and any place, check the infestation report and, initiate any necessary measures very very quickly.

Another interesting advantage is that a large part of the documentation required for the auditors is already provided by the entire system, which saves further effort for the company.