Mayer & Cie.

Industrie 4.0

Maschine portal

The task

UX/UI and programming of an Industry 4.0 project ​

The circular knitting machine manufacturer Mayer & Cie. came to us with the wish to develop a machine portal, which offers the possibility to record, analyze and evaluate machine data. The aim should be to make working with Mayer machines easier for users by accessing machine data such as efficiency, downtimes and other information from an entire machine park from any location and at any time. The connection to the machine should be implemented using a cloud-based solution.

Because of these requirements, we decided to use ADAMOSADAMOS is specially tailored to the needs of mechanical and plant engineering and its customers and provides a manufacturer-independent, leading-edge IIoT platform with which digital services for end customers can be implemented efficiently and quickly.

The functions

Maschine portal knitlink from Mayer & Cie.​


By displaying the machine data in the form of graphics and statistics on the dashboard, the most important events, the effectiveness of production and errors can be recorded at a glance and reacted accordingly promptly.


Knitlink ensures secure data transmission and interface from machines to the cloud or portal.

Equipment details ​

The portal offers an overview of all registered machines, which can be viewed in detail. Among other things, data on efficiency, revolutions, speed, alarm, groups and shifts are displayed.

Technical documents and operating instructions ​

For maintenance work, the machine portal offers easy access to technical documents and operating instructions. These are stored for each machine on the respective details page in the tab.

Remote maintenance

In the event of maintenance or error messages, both Mayer & Cie. as well as external support staff from contract or partner companies can access the machine at any time and from anywhere and thus intervene to support the maintenance process.