(I)IoT (Industrial)
Internet of Things

The Industrial IoT is an IT technology that enhances operational effectiveness and provides the networking foundation for Industry 4.0. The knowledge gained through networking provides decision makers with important information for controlling business processes and decisions. As a result, companies can generate further business growth and improve their competitive environment and future viability. Industrial Internet of Things can be used in many industries. An important aspect of IIoT is the improvement of operational effectiveness through intelligent industrial systems and more flexible production techniques.




A blockchain is a decentralized database that contains an ever-growing list of transaction records. The database is extended in a chronological linear fashion, similar to a chain that is constantly adding new elements at the bottom. If one block is complete, the next one is created. Each block contains a checksum of the previous block. Blockchain technology has many uses, from micro-transaction, to auditing, to food supply chains.

Cloud Computing

Basically, cloud computing is the provision of computing resources (e.g., servers, storage, databases, network components, software, analytics, and intelligence) over the Internet, the cloud, to provide faster innovation, flexible resources, and economies of scale.


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Big Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics makes it possible to analyze large amounts of data from different sources. The aim is to use the data gained from the analysis to optimize business processes and to achieve advantages over competitors. Big Data Analytics examines large amounts of different data available to the business for useful information, hidden patterns or other correlations.


Artificial intelligence

AI is already an integral part of most softwares. The higher advanced artificial intelligence technologies such as computer vision and robotics are particularly concerned with the data interpretation of the real physical environment.


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