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Digitale Transformation MeetNow! GmbH Mitarbeiter


Digitale Transformation MeetNow! GmbH Mitarbeiter
Consulting and workshops for your digital transformation

Our team supports your company, processes or products on your journey of digital transformation. We see ourselves as your partner and develop solutions together with you that move your company forward in the age of digital transformation. Bases on discussions and workshops, we determine your needs and those of the users.

We develop innovative digital product ideas and combine new technologies with your corporate environment. In this way, we generate future strategies that bring people, data and processes together.

Industry 4.0

Industrie 4.0 MeetNow! GmbH

Connected industry and continuous machine monitoring

We integrate software in the field of component, machine, & plant engineering, IIoT and Industry 4.0 on the basis of open and manufacturer-neutral IIoT platforms for processing data and creating digital applications. This is the basis for connecting different machines, plants and devices. The data obtained can be continuously recorded, visualised and monitored by the platforms.

Based on the knowledge gained, the process behaviour of the particular machine can be systematically influenced and the machines maintained remotely.

Digitale Transformation App Entwicklung MeetNow! GmbH


Digitale Transformation MeetNow! GmbH Mitarbeiter

App development from conception to support

We develop sustainable and individual apps for iOS, Android or Windows. It is important to us to always keep the user in mind. We aim to create intuitively operable and perfomant apps that bring added value and fun to the user. We find solutions to optimise your processes, improve customer relations and even open up new markets. Depending on the area of application, we develop mobile apps, web apps, native or hybrid apps.